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Our entire team within dt Salon Studios takes your safety, our safety and that of our own families very seriously. We are all COMMITTED to the highest health standards and have outdone ourselves in preparing our collective businesses for you! We:

  1. Installed dividers between shampoo bowls and at the wait area.

  2. Avoid crowding inside our workspace by spreading out appointments and only allowing customers to come inside unaccompanied.

  3. Each trained, passed the exam and received the Gold Standard BARBICIDE Certification on essential infection control & hygiene practices.

  4. Wear masks and some of our stylists require their clients to wear a mask.

  5. Disinfect all surfaces (chairs, counters, shampoo bowls, etc.) and tools (combs, hair clippers, scissors, etc.) before each customer sits down.

  6. Launder all towels, capes (no reuse of the capes during the day).

  7. Ask each customer to reschedule, if they have felt ill in the past 14 days. In return, we promise to do the same.


Please stay well. Take care of yourself and each other. Have a wonderful day. Thanks.

Safe salon in gilbert
Safe salon in gilbert
Safe salon in gilbert
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